Click on the link to access a fillable application: Parking Permit Application


Driving and Parking Procedures

● Parking permits must be located on the rear view mirror or the bottom driver’s side windshield.

● It is the student’s responsibility to have a parking permit on the registered vehicle while on school property at all times.

● Students may not loan or give their parking permit to other students.

● Only school registered drivers of their own vehicles may drive on school property.

● Under NO circumstances are students to drive or park in the faculty parking lots.

● Students must park in designated areas only.

● NO student parking in the back parking lot behind the stadium. Athletes may use this parking lot during away games only.

● Students may not loiter or sit in vehicles during the school day.

● No smoking, use of chewing tobacco, or vaporizing devices in vehicles by driver/passengers while on school property.

● Avoid unnecessary driving in the school zone.

● Observe the legal speed limit (15 MPH) and drive in a safe manner at all times.

● Violations of the above mentioned driving & parking policies may result in a combination of the following:

  • school discipline

  • towing of vehicle

  • legal consequences

  • loss of driving privileges on

    campus for a designated period

    of time.

  • Severe infractions may result in driving privileges being revoked


● Cars may be searched in accordance with the Kittitas School Board Policy 3230

● Parking is a privilege at Kittitas Secondary. All district and school policies extend to the school parking lot.

Parking permits must be renewed every school year and returned upon graduation/withdrawal from school.

There is a $5.00 fee for cards that are lost or not returned.