1. What should I do if my child is sick or can't make it to school? 
Parents need to contact the attendance line as soon as possible to prevent an unexcused tardy or absence. You can also send your student with a note for the attendance secretary Brenda Rios.
Call: (509) 955-3120    -   Email:

2. How do I contact my child's teacher?
Parents can visit the school staff page for a full list of employees. Since teachers spend the majority of their day in front of the class or helping students, we encourage communication through email first. 

3. What do I do if my child is failing a class? 
In middle and high school we encourage students to speak to their teacher directly to help develop independence, ownership and communication skills. Parents may contact the teacher via email. (see #2)

4. Can my child ride the bus home with another student? 
Yes, we ask that the child bring a signed note from a parent/guardian. Please include student's name, date and the destination. If a note is not provided, the parent must call the school before 2:00 pm to request a bus pass.

5. What do I need to do to register my child for school? 
Parents can visit the school office for a registration packet, to ask questions and discuss scheduling. Or download the form here

6. How do I get an appointment with the Principal? 
To schedule an appointment with the principal, please call or email Kathy Goodrich.
Call: (509) 955-3120   -   Email:

7. I think my child needs help with friends and social situations- what do I do? 
Parents or students can seek intervention with the Dean of Students, Ryan Hastings, or the Guidance Counselor, Mayra Nambo to determine their needs and receive assistance.

8. How do I find out about school closures? 
Scheduled closures will be listed on our District Calendar.
Unexpected closures will be posted on this website, our District Facebook page, and announced on the radio/television.

10. How do I contact my child during school hours? 
We encourage students to remain fully engaged in their classes. We understand there may be an emergency situation where a parent must contact their child. In that unfortunate event, please call the school office.
Call: (509) 955-3120