Lunch Menus


Starting on September 10th all Kittitas School District students only from grades K-12 will receive a brown bag Grab and Go lunch.

Hybrid Lunch Schedule

Grades 3-5 pickup at 11:15 am

Grades 6-12 pickup at 12:05 pm

Please complete your annual free/reduced lunch application for the 2020-2021 SY.

Lunch menus are available monthly.





A  NEW APPLICATION MUST BE SUBMITTED EACH YEAR (It cannot be submitted on last year’s form). There is a 30-day grace period for free or reduce-priced status from the previous school year to complete and return a new application. If we do not have a new application on file after 30 days, your child(ren) will be changed to full pay status.

If you qualify for meal benefits, your student is eligible for free or reduce-priced breakfast or lunch. The free or reduce-priced status applies to meals only. The student is not eligible to use their free or reduced status for the purchase of ala carte items such as milk. Milk only must be purchased.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CHARGES UNTIL YOUR APPLICATION IS PROCESSED. Fill out the application completely (one application per family) including:

·         All students’ full names with school they attend

·         Names of all members of the household with their incomes and how often received

·         Signature of an adult household member

·         Social Security Number of signer

If your student receives Basic Food or TANF you must include the case number on the application (no Social Security Number is needed). Applications will not be processed without a case number.

If your student is a foster child, please submit an application with only his/her name in the foster child section. If you have multiple foster children, you need one application per child. No other children may be on their application.

Have your student drop the completed application in your school cafeteria with the Food Service staff  Kittitas School and we will process it immediately if possible. We have 10 business days to process the application. You are responsible to purchase meals or bring meals from home until your application has been processed.

Please send cash or a check (checks are encouraged) with the student’s full name written in the memo section to school with them. Have the student submit the cash/check with the Food Service cashier at their school. We do not give change to students; the full amount will be deposited in their account. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that their child has money in his/her account or brings a meal from home.