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Kittitas FCCLA Doing Their Part to Secure Financial Futures for 7th Grade Students
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Friday, February 01, 2013

Kittitas seventh grade students were busy over the first trimester learning all about personal financing.
They learned about needs versus wants, gross pay versus take home pay, fixed and flexible expenses
and creating a budget based on monthly income. Twenty lessons were provided by Junior Achievement
and were taught by Leah Pemberton and Maggie Uceny, FCCLA chapter members, along with classroom
teachers Shileah Heistand and Cheryl Uceny. The fee for all seventh graders this year and next year to
participate was paid by a Kittitas Public School Foundation Grant. Both classroom teachers and students
attended training for the curriculum this past fall and began implementing the program with the ALEKS
individualized computer math enrichment program. As a culminating activity students attended the
JA World in Yakima where they put into practice all they had learned throughout the trimester. Each
student was given a scenario for their life such as pay, marital status, and children. They then computed
their monthly income and created a budget based on their individual income. Inside JA world, there
are several replicas of local businesses that co-sponsor the educational experience for students. Once
their budget was approved, students went around and purchased what they needed based on their
income such as a housing and a car loan, secured electricity, phone, sewer, etc. Each student then was
required to visit businesses to pay all their monthly bills. The goal was to balance at the end of the day,
or perhaps have a little for charity endeavors.

Mr. Brauer, Kittitas Secondary School Principal, was also in attendance to observe students
demonstrating their finance skills. Mr. Brauer felt the day was a great success. Kids really were given
the opportunity to tryout the real world of personal finances.

Other Kittitas FCCLA members also were trained as group leaders. Each member was assigned to a
group of 5-6 students for the day making sure they followed the proper sequence of events.

We would like to thank The Kittitas Public School Foundation for supporting our educational experience.

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