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Social Media Parents Checklist
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
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from Safer Schools Together

Social Media Parents Checklist

o Call a Digital Family Meeting - Set rules and

expectations for behavior with technology

o Draft a Social Media Contract – see examples

o Have a central charging station (e.g. your room, kitchen

table) – Keep devices out their bedrooms!

o Have your child write a paragraph about why they

should have a phone or be able to download an “app”.

Set up the accounts WITH them

o Know their passwords! Sealed envelope of passwords on the fridge if applicable

o Set technology limits on use – if you meet resistance, remind them who pays for

the phone or device

o Buy, Use and Teach your child how to use a physical old fashioned alarm clock

o Set parental controls: Phone, Tablet, Computer

o Google yourself and your child. What is out there about you and your family?

o Review privacy settings on all social media accounts. Set Instagram as private!

o Check Instagram “DIRECT” mailbox and read the comment section of pictures

and posts

o Explore strategies of what to do when a stranger talks to them online. Remind

them that you won’t be upset and you are just looking out for their safety

o Ask your child what social media platforms are popular and why – take a keen

interest with curiosity to help open up dialogue

o Actually, read the privacy policies and terms of service with your child

o Discuss the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship

o Discuss both the positives and negative uses of social media

o Remind them of the permanence and public nature of all things shared


o Discuss with your child the dangers of sharing intimate (sexting) photos

o Are location services turned OFF for camera and social media apps – do any of

their posts have a geo-tag attached?

o Be mindful of and know what VAULT apps look like

o Put tape or band-aid on the laptop camera when not in use

o Make strong passwords for all accounts and emails – That includes YOU!

Letters, numbers, and special characters !@#$%^&*

o Set up and be ready to use Find my iPhone or Android Device Manager

o Educate Yourself - Search online for anything you don’t understand

o Remember that your kids are growing up online! Help guide them

o Encourage your kids to create a positive digital footprint as they grow older

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