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Smarter Balanced Assessments Parent Resources
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Monday, April 06, 2015
Student & Family Resources
  • Smarter Balanced Assessments Website - Link for Students and Families
  • Smarter Balanced Assessments FAQs

  • Different Test – Different Results - This video illustrates the expected changes with the implementation of the new summative assessment.

  • SBA Initial Cut Scores - This document shows the threshold scores for each level of performance on the Smarter Balanced Assessment by grade level tested.
  • Practice Test - Click “Sign In” to log in as a guest and take the “Training Test” to experience the use of available tools. Select a grade-level “Practice” or “Performance Task” test to experience Smarter Balanced assessment type questions in ELA or Math.
  • District Implementation Plan for Smarter Balanced Assessments - This is a video presentation to the school board.

  • SBAC Newsletter


Additional Resources from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium:

Resources in English 

A summary of  Core Components based on Common Core State Standards.

What Do Smarter Balanced Assessment Mean for Me? (Students, Parents, Teachers, Policymakers)

Preparing Students for Success

Smarter Balanced and Teachers: Preparing Students for Success


Recursos en Español

Resumen de los Componentes Básicos

¿Qué van a significar para mí las Evaluaciones de Smarter Balanced?

Smarter Balanced y los Maestros: Apoyar los logros estudiantiles a través de comentarios significativos

Como ayudar a todos los estudiantes a que tengan exito

 El Consorcio de Evaluación de Smarter Balanced folleto

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