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Coyote Crier NEWS!

Hello!  Welcome to the Coyote Crier!

With the 2015-2016 school year we are beginning our sixth year as the KSS school news paper. The first issue of the Coyote Crier was published in January 2011.  To view past issues of the Crier, click on "file" to access our archives.

2015-2016 Coyote Crier Staff

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2015-2016 Coyote Crier Staff!

Autumn Miller, Mac Stewart, and Nate Widner:  Staff Interns

Kaitlynn Wilson:  Editor in Chief

Mason Allemand and Raquel Preciado:  Web Masters

Bianca Zapien:  Technology Editor

Melanie McMurry and Brittany Pott:  Staff Photographers

Shianne Wills:  Staff Reporter


Being a Coyote Crier staff member is an excellent opportunity for students to support their school and to gain valuable skills and experiences that will help them in preparation for college and careers in the 21st century.

Experience as a Coyote Crier staff member will serve as an excellent resume builder as well as be significant for college applications.  Research has shown that students who have high school journalism experience scored/performed higher than non-journalism students.

Journalism students earn:

  • Better grades in high school and have higher overall grade point averages.
  • Higher ACT scores (Composite, English, and Reading score).
  • Better grades in freshmen English and have higher freshmen grade point averages.

However, these are not the only benefits of becoming a journalist in school.  The Newspaper Association of America found that "students who work on their . . . school newspapers . . . and who use newspapers in class or for homework are more engaged in civic activities, better educated, and more involved citizens as they grow older."  There are also additional benefits for students who have journalism experience in school.  Major benefits include improved communication and teamwork skills.  Students also become more proficient in time management and accountability.

We hope that you will consider joining the Coyote Crier team!